December Birthstone: Zircon

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Friday 27, 2019
Even today people are amazed to discover that Zircon is not just a synthetic stone but also a natural gemstone. It’s not their fault entirely; often folks confuse Zircon with Cubic Zirconia, a synthetic made to imitate diamond. Zircon comes in an array of wonderful and intense colors. While colorless Zircon is majorly used to emulate diamond, other vibrant colors, ranging from blue, green, and red to orange, brown, and honey, are used in jewelry.

Where is Zircon found? 

Primarily, the stone is mined in Cambodia, typically in sizes up to 5 rough or finished? On rare occasions, 10 carats are found rough or finished, which are very expensive. Some mining locations of Zircon are also present in Burma. A true blue Zircon,one of the birthstones of December, makes a perfect gift for winter. babies Brilliant blue Zircon mainly comes from the Pailin and Kha area of Cambodia. Mostly ranging from rich blue shade to medium blue with a hint of green to sky blue, it is a gorgeous gemstone 

Nature of Zircon

Due to high dispersion, the stone’s crystal formation contributes to its sparkling nature. The stone is doubly refractive. In other words, when a ray of light enters the stone, it splits into two. As it travels further, each ray splits further, creating a 3D effect. 

Taking Care of Zircon

On the moh’s scale of hardness, Zircon stands between 6.5 -7.5. This makes it susceptible to scratches when rubbed against a harder substance than itself. The brittle nature causes the stone to chip with sharp impacts rather than becoming smooth. Therefore, it’s important to protect this precious stone from sharp blows, extreme temperatures, and abrasives. The stone should be cleaned periodically to maintain the brilliance and keep it free from everyday buildup.

Zircon is a beautiful gemstone, suitable for all who love the play of exotic colors in stones.

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