October Birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal

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Monday 02, 2019
People born in October get to enjoy the beauty of two gemstones to commemorate their birthday - tourmaline and opal. Both these gemstones come in an assortment of unique and gorgeous colors and color combinations. Let us learn more about them.


History and significance 

It was from India where the first opals brought to the Western world originated. Their name also comes from the Sanskrit Upala, which means “precious stone.” Opals are valued mostly because of their brilliant play of colors, which writers and poets have compared to galaxies and volcanoes. They range from blue and green to red and yellow to milky white. The stone has always been associated with the virtues of hope, truth, and purity. In the past, it was also believed that opals contained in them the powers and virtues of all other stones.

Care and cleaning

The best way to clean this gemstone is with mild soap and warm water solution. Other methods may damage the stone. It is also important to remember that immersing the stone in water for too long can also damage it.


History and significance

Tourmaline, much like the opal, also contains multiple colors in one crystal. Its name comes from toramalli, which is the Sinhalese word for “stone with multiple colors.” Before scientists recognized it as a distinct stone in the 1800s, tourmaline had always been confused with rubies and emeralds because of its varying colors. There are very few other gems that can match up to the extraordinary colors of the tourmaline. The different colors of the stone have a different meaning. Black tourmaline is associated with self-confidence, pink with love and compassion, green with strength and courage and so on.

Care and cleaning

While tourmaline is not easily damaged by cleaning agents, it is best to clean it with a soft brush and a water and soap solution. Keep it away from heat.

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