How To Take Care Of Your Emerald Jewelry

Agilis Tech

Saturday 09, 2020

Emerald, known and loved for its brilliant green color, is the May birthstone. It also marks a couple’s 35th wedding anniversary. Emeralds are gorgeous and sophisticated, but they are also quite fragile. While their softness allows them to be carved into intricate shapes for jewelry, it also makes them susceptible to easy damage. If you own any emerald jewelry, whether it is an emerald gold ring or a necklace, you need to know how to handle them with care. Here are a few things you must do to keep this stunning stone bright and shiny:

  1. Do not let dust settle on emeralds

You must clean your emerald jewelry a few times a month, even if you don’t wear them. Use a soft cloth to dust them. Allowing dust to settle can damage the stones because they cannot withstand harsh cleaning such as with ultrasonic cleaners.

  1. Clean your emeralds regularly

You must clean your emeralds regularly and carefully. Soak them for some time in a solution of warm water and a mild soap, and then use a soft brush or a special jewelry brush to gently scrub the pieces. Rinse them in warm water and finally, use a micro-fiber cloth to dry them. Alternatively, you can also get them professionally cleaned.

  1. Do not expose your emeralds to harsh chemicals

This is a rule that applies to most gemstone jewelry. You must never allow your emeralds to come in contact with any harsh chemicals or products containing such chemicals. Avoid wearing them when taking a shower, swimming, or doing household chores. Also, wear your jewelry after you put on your skincare products, makeup, and perfume.

  1. Avoid storing your emeralds with other jewelry

On the Mohs scale, emeralds fall between 7.5 to 8, which means that they can be easily scratched by harder stones and metals. That is why you must keep your emerald jewelry away from your other jewelry pieces. 


Store them separately in a pouch or a box with a soft fabric lining.

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