August Birthstone: Peridot

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Wednesday 05, 2020

The birthstone for August as well as the gem for the 16th wedding anniversary, peridot is one of those gemstones that you either love and appreciate or simply hate. Widely recognized for its brilliant green hue, it is known as the “Evening Emerald” but you can wear your peridot jewelry, whether it is a peridot sterling silver ring or a necklace, at any time of the day.


Peridot is one of the oldest gemstones and has a fascinating written history. Its mining has been traced back to as far as the Egyptian civilization in 1500 B.C., according to ancient papyri. The Egyptians referred to it as the “the gem of the sun” and mined it mostly on Topazios (now Zabargad Island), out in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Peridot, in the past, has often been confused with emerald and topaz. But now many people even believe that the famous “emerald” jewelry donned by Cleopatra was, in fact, peridot.
Peridot became the official birthstone for August in 1912.

Meaning And Significance

The origin of the name peridot is slightly obscure. While a majority of the scholars agree that it is a French name that has been derived from faridat, which is Arabic for “gem”, there are some who believe that it finds its routes in peridona, which is Greek for “bestow wealth”. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this gemstone is commonly associated with wealth and prosperity. It is also thought to be a stone of cleansing, healing, and protection. The ancient Egyptians linked it with Isis, who was the goddess of life and fertility. Wearing peridot is also believed to help you understand the purpose of your existence.


  1. In Hawaii, peridot is believed to be the tears of Hele, who is the goddess of volcanoes and fire.
  2. When set in gold, peridot can ward off night terrors.
  3. If you ever see peridot in your dreams, you must be cautious for some time after that.
  4. In the ancient world, it was believed that peridot possessed the power to ward off evil spirits and break down magical enchantments.

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